Guardian Angels
Our wonderful Creator provides us with Guardian Angels at our birth and they remain with us until we cross over. They journey with us throughout our life and never abandon us, regardless of our life situation. Guardian Angels do not judge us. Their role is to help us live our life purpose, guide us and comfort and protect us.

Guardian Angels love to interact with us. Call on them in your prayers or ask them to come into your dreams. They may also reveal their names to you when the time is right. As you are falling off to sleep, ask them to share their names with you. This is a good time to ask as the ego is less apt to interfere with the information we receive. Trust what you hear. If you're not sure you heard the correct name, ask the Angels to provide you with confirmation. They will! If you don't hear a name, don't worry. What is most important is that we communicate with our Guardian Angels and follow their guidance.

Archangel Ariel
She is known as the "Lioness of God" and is closely connected with protecting the environment and taking care of our beloved animals. She works with the fairy kingdom and assists us with our earthly needs such as food and housing.

Archangel Azrael
His name means "whom God helps." He carries our loved ones to Heaven when they cross over and assists them with completing their transition. He comforts us in our time of grief and provides wisdom to those who counsel the bereaved.

Archangel Chamuel
His name means "he who sees God." He loves to help us find lost objects , pets, people and situations in our life. He helps us release anxiety and creates peace in our personal lives and in the world. Call upon Archangel Chamuel and St. Anthony together to find anything that is lost - they are a dream team!

Archangel Gabriel
This Archangel is referred to as a male and female. The name Gabriel means "messenger of God." Archangel Gabriel is the one who appeared to the Blessed Mother Mary to announce the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Gabriel works with those involved in the communications fields such as performers, writers and artists and comes to our aid anytime we need assistance with communicating clearly and effectively. Gabriel also assists with conceiving children and adoptions.

Archangel Haniel
Her name means "grace of God." She works with the energy of the moon and is akin to a moon goddess. Haniel adds grace to our lives in a variety of situations. She assists women with their monthly cycles and works with women to open up their gifts of clairvoyance. Haniel is also connected to the planet Venus.

Archangel Jeremiel
His name means "mercy of God." He works with us to conduct life reviews whether it be when we have crossed over or are assessing making changes in our lives. Jeremiel works with us on issues of forgiveness and is closely associated with prophetic visions.

Archangel Jophiel
Her names means "beauty of God." She helps us beautify and organize our life on all levels. Jophiel brings beauty to our thoughts, hearts and physical environment and clears away negative energy. She loves to work with artists and nurture our creativity.

Archangel Metatron
He is believed to have lived on earth as the Prophet Enoch. He loves to work with children and heal those labeled as having learning disorders. He also helps children understand their spiritual gifts and effectively use them. Metatron also assists the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

Archangel Michael
His name means "who is like God." He is often pictured with a sword and is considered the Patron Saint of Police Officers. He gives us courage. Michael helps to release us from fear and all negativity. He works with us to find and live our life purpose. He accompanies the Lightworkers who are devoted to raising the vibration of the planet. Michael fills us with faith when we experience doubt. He is also very good with mechanical and electrical repairs.

Archangel Raguel
His name means "friend of God" and he is known as the relationship Angel. He helps to bring harmony and balance to our relationships. Raguel fills us with energy and assists with issues of empowerment and respect.

Archangel Raphael
His name means "he who heals." He heals humans and animals on all levels and helps those who are healers. Also known as the Patron Saint of Travelers, Raphael plays a delightful role in the Book of Tobit in the Old Testament of the Bible. He also is wonderful in helping us find lost pets.

Archangel Raziel
His name means "secrets of God." He is believed to sit so close to the throne of God that he know the secrets of how the universe operates. Raziel helps us understand sacred principles and sciences, such as geometry and physics, and removes spiritual and psychic blocks.

Archangel Sandalphon
He carries our prayers to God . Sandalphon also assists musicians and those who utilize music for healing. He often brings answers to our prayers through whispered words and music you hear psychically. Sandalphon also helps with healing aggression.

Archangel Uriel
His name means "God is light." He enlightens situations so that we might see them clearly. Known for his wisdom, he is often viewed as a spiritual psychologist who provides insight and resolutions. Uriel is associated with helping prevent and heal from natural disasters and earth changes. He also is connected to alchemy.

Archangel Zadkiel

His name means "righteousness of God." He helps us with our memory, especially with academic tests, interviews and remembering where we have placed certain items. Zadkiel works with us on forgiving ourselves and others and assists in releasing negative experiences. He brings mercy and compassion.

The information above is based on personal experience and material in the books Angels 101 and Archangels and Ascended Masters authored by Doreen Virtue, PhD.

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