About the Fairies

The Fairies are the nature angels and they love to work with us.  Many people, especially in other countries, have had first-hand experiences with the Fairies. They invite us to spend significant periods of time outdoors where they do their magic. The Fairies love it when we invite them to help heal our emotional wounds.  If invited, they will conduct a clearing on us from head to toe and weed out all that no longer serves us.

The Fairies are wonderful with helping us manifest our dreams. Share your wishes with them and watch them go to work! They are very playful and often work with us on bringing romance into our lives.

The Fairies are committed to protecting the environment and are very appreciative when we clean up litter or help with environmental causes.

Fairy gardens, fountains and statues also attract the fairies to our homes. If you are unable to go outdoors, invite the Fairies inside!


The Fairy Jar

The entertaining elemental kingdom has asked Anita to start a series titled "The Fairy Jar". As the jar is opened today, a lovely earthy fairy named Selena has popped out. She is wearing a pink hat and loves poppy seeds, she says. Her message to us is to pop out of our sacred stillness and into action.

It is time. It could never be a better time. She is also joking about needing toothbrushes to clear out the poppy seeds - this she says is an illustration of how we use delay tactics to prevent us from fulfilling our divine purpose. Forget about brushing your teeth, eat the poppy seeds and move forward. You will not be shell shocked. Live Selena's message.











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