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Angel Scopes for October, 2011

Welcome to October, the magical month of Halloween. I love this time of year, not only because itís when the veils between the two worlds are very transparent, but also because we are focused on spiritual and paranormal topics. As a medium, I know how powerful communication with deceased loved ones on the other side can be. This brings extraordinary healing. Our cherished family and friends who have crossed over love to come through and provide signs, guidance and clarity. On Halloween, October 31st, at noon PST, I will be leading a Halloween mediumship circle on I hope you will join us for this special event. Halloween traditions and festivities are a delightful way of acknowledging the afterlife. For me, it is not about creating fear or dwelling on perceptions of evil. It is about cherishing the bridge between the two worlds.

The month of October is going to feel like we are crossing a bridge. By the time the month ends, we will feel as if we have entered another world, another phase of life. The energy will be fairly smooth with a couple of peaks around the 13th and 17th. The whimsical Halloween fairies say we need to watch out for hairy rides which means we will take some innovative and adventurous life routes this month and will have lots to talk about afterwards.

The Angel Scopes for October feature Trick or Treat messages and a costume recommendation from our faithful celestial friends and also from the Halloween Fairies. Enjoy!

May your heart be touched by the Angels.

Aries: Your trick this month, Aries, is to learn to slow down. You may feel as if you are being chased by the visible and invisible, but itís really your own mind that is making you feel this way. Itís time to gain some clarity about a few critical situations in your life. Once you do, you will feel lighter. You are focusing heavily on your past and we would like you to focus straight ahead, on what is directly in front of you. Surprise yourself by engaging in behavior and activities that fall outside your box! Your treat will be finding delight in these new activities that will open you up to new ways of living and enjoying life. Cats play a role and you may find yourself enjoying many sunsets and mountaintop experiences. Work will play a secondary role until you can get your ďinsidesĒ straightened out. Itís essential as you journey towards November and a big epiphany you will have then. Work out disagreements, controversies and anything that feels uncomfortable. Donít rely on alcohol or other substances to get you through difficult moments. Costume recommendation: A Pumpkin.

Taurus: Your trick this month, Taurus, is to rid yourself of any attachments or cords connected to the word ďshame.Ē There is harmony to be found in this exercise. Refrain from the blame game and donít allow others to lash out at you. This is not just about personal power, but about attaching to your divine birthright. Please do this during the first half of the month. The second half of the month is about fortune. Not cookies, but the treat of dreaming about what form you want fortune to take in your life. Is it about financial wealth, the art of creating wealth, or feeling wealthy in all areas of your life? Ask yourself what has power in your life? Is this because you have placed certain elements in positions of power or is it based on a value system that perchance needs to be updated? This is a great time to reflect on your belief system and consciously give birth to new ideas and new ways of weaving thought forms together. Costume recommendation: A Bird!

Gemini: Your trick this month is to overcome wishy-washiness! You say you could go this way or that way, but instead you are going up and down and into a variety of thought and mental spirals. No, you are not cursed. You are blessed with a mind that can process infinite possibilities. Letís focus on the ones with glory attached to them. Did you know you can bless yourself? Not just after you sneeze, but when you wake up, when you go to sleep and when you ask the Angels for assistance! Ahum. So when you wake up tomorrow and every day this month, and then every day this year, ask for blessings. They are yours to keep and that is your treat this month! It is heavenly. You will spend lots of time thinking about deceased loved ones and what could have been. Ask their spirits to set you straight on this. Explore food options this month. There is the route that permits chocolate and dessert. There is the route that focuses on deprivation and then there is the route that requests moderation in all food groups. Hmmm. Mushrooms get your attention this month. Costume recommendation: Casper, the Friendly Ghost!

Cancer: If it were up to you, Cancer, your trick would be learning about new foods by taste-testing them! Ahum. Please know that your real trick is to observe the unobserved. I know this makes sense to you. Pretend you are riding a carousel, also known as a merry-go-round. After you go around enough times, you see items you missed the first few times. Challenge yourself to do this daily. You will gain much wisdom from this. You will contemplate taking some trips and planning a trip a month for the next year is sounding much more appealing to you. At least one of these trips is a sailing trip. Donít be afraid of the water. Your treat this month will be your dreams. The ones that occur when you are asleep. Mythical figures will appear and words will literally be spelled out. Keep a dream journal by your bed and remember to write while everything is fresh in your mind. Donít be surprised if a mermaid, dragon or firefly chooses to accompany you in your daily life. It will be a delightful experience. Costume recommendation: Cupid!

Leo: Oh sweet Leo. You know you canít escape this exercise. In fact, your trick this month is to stop yourself from escaping from anything. You poke your head in and out of a variety of interests and endeavors and have difficulty deciding what you want to focus on. I suggest you settle on rewarding yourself with some downtime and embarking on some inner cleansing. You are carrying around some toxic stuff, especially in your belief systems, and this is a perfect time to rid your system of it. Call some old friends this month and reconnect with distant family members. A male figure in your family is reaching out, trying to get your attention. Itís time to allow the connection to move forward. Your treat this month is in realizing how amazing trees are in the spiritual world. Not only are they ďsheltering,Ē they are empowering. Go sit in one to receive a divine download. It will change you. Costume recommendation: An Elf!

Virgo: A bird is a fish??? A fish is a bird??? What, you say! Well, your trick this month, Virgo, is to make sense out of all this perceived nonsense. Itís all about manifestation and alchemy. Just like a mad scientist in his lab who creates Frankenstein, you will learn different ways of creating what you want. They will be very nontraditional in your mind and very feasible. These new ways will surprise you and shock you and set you on a new path. Totally enjoy it. You will have a new appreciation for LIFE. Please be your own best friend this month, as you will sense those close to you may be distant for a bit. They are going through some trying times and will be back. Itís best to let them go at their own pace. So, if a madman came to your front door with a bowl full of candy, what would you say? Would you say trick or treat or perhaps, you donít allow solicitors? The trick is on you! The universe is dropping sweet gifts on your doorstep and your treat is to accept without hesitation or question. You need to start practicing how to do this. Learn new hobbies this month and please socialize. A Halloween party would be great! Have one. Costume recommendation: A Pie, preferably banana cream!

Libra: Cherish the thought. Yes, this is your trick this month, Libra. To cherish the unconventional and unusual thoughts that come your way and open new doors for you. Throw out the fear and embark on a new journey. It will be worth it. You are spending a lot of time indoors with headphones on and now itís time to change the programming. Okay? Something is knocking at your front door. Are you going to answer? Some days, you may feel like you are in the land of Oz, but the Wizard is nowhere to be seen. He is returning soon and heís about to pounce you on the head. He wants you to make sensible choices, ones based on possibility and not fear or hurt. Running is no longer an option. Your treat will be to throw off the running shoes and replace them with flip flops that allow you to relax. Angels will appear this month and this is your treat. Creativity is strong and you will engage in artistic activities that are soothing. This is a good time for long walks in the woods and forest as their essence is very reassuring to you. The spirit of a loved one on the other side will reach out to you in your dreams. Trust this. Costume recommendation: A Playing Card!

Scorpio: Perhaps your greatest perceived ďthreat,Ē Scorpio, is to be punished. As a Halloween gift to yourself, look that in the face and decide that you are not here to be punished but to be empowered by all of the experiences life brings your way. This is your trick You are in charge of how you process these experiences. Itís about taking control of your life. Itís about the old saying that only you can control how you react, no one else. Now, go through some recent past situations and consider how you might have made better sense of them. Yes, hindsight may seem easy, but the learning that comes from this will change the course of your future experiences. Calmness is essential this month. Donít let anyone or anything rock your boat. You need a very calm stability at this time. Pets are healing. Explore Australia and New Zealand. Would you like to take a trip there one day? Start planning. You are very connected to that part of the world. Your treat is to create some regular activities on your schedule. This will bring some reassurance. Costume recommendation: Snow White or one of the Seven Dwarfs!

Sagittarius: Apples, oranges, pears - they all sound good, but which is best. Your trick this month is not to fret over the choice. Think that whatever choice you make is the best one for you at this time. Donít be a loose cannon. Try to be collected in your reactions and words. It will pay off. Stroll, write, create, break free of ďlooseĒ traditions and carry forth your torch. It all sounds so idealistic, but it really is your essence this month. Your treat this month is to watch movies as this will help you create. It will help ideas percolate and they will come busting forth during the next few months. Pleasing people seems to be important. Thatís fine, but do it for a worthy reason. Try to create a harmonious balance in your home. This is a good time for feng shui and no, reason is not going out the window. Itís just being leveled with other wonderful things. You will see. Stop blaming yourself. All is as it should be. You wake up shocked one morning and think itís an illusion. Really? Turn to the next page. Look into some new teachers and mentors. You are open to some genuine sacred learning. Costume recommendation: A Creature from the Blue Lagoon of Happiness.

Capricorn: Your clothes are too tight, Capricorn! Not because of your eating habits, but because you are outgrowing them. Your trick is to allow yourself to keep growing without leaving others behind. Surround yourself with flowers and other natural essences that promote balance. Kindness and devotion will be your best friends this month. Create with the new moon and donít tolerate any garbage others may throw at you. Babies are in the picture. Have a good time with friends and donít be bothered with trivial concerns. Someone tries to get you riled up and itís best just to ignore this attempt. Drama is not your thing this month. You will attend sporting activities and run into old friends. ďChanceĒ divine encounters are at a peak. Your treat this month is to explore new residential opportunities. Are you wanting a new living space? The Universe would be happy to deliver. At times, you will feel like a rainbow is shining over you. Well, it is. Now go find that leprechaun at the other side! Costume Recommendation: A leprechaun!

Aquarius: You hear a cuckoo clock and your spirit feels the passing of every minute and every hour. Your trick, Aquarius, is not to think of this as grief, but as synchronicity. There is such a thing as perfect and divine timing and as much as you would like to believe you have been left behind, you are wrong. The mold has not been broken, the shelf has not fallen, the sky has not turned permanently black. Hold on to your hopes. There is a gift coming. Cars and trains play a role this month. Family members may need help. Donít close your mind to things you normally say no to. You may feel like traveling, but itís not the best time. Wait a bit longer. Step up and say yes to a new skill or adventure. It wonít hurt. Your treat is to accept that you are bright, beautiful and smart and let the Universe affirm this for you. You are not shirking your responsibilities in any way. Be sure not to let otherís words or behavior determine your value. They are vibrating at a lower level at the moment and itís best for you to shield yourself and be nurtured in a peace-filled cocoon. Costume recommendation: A Lawn Chair (Iím stealing this from my Aquarian brother!)

Pisces: Compassion is a gift and a curse you say. Well, your trick this month, Pisces, is to understand how others practice compassion - not necessarily to imitate them, but to allow this to expand your learning. A poor man knocks on your car window - do you give him money, water or information on a shelter? What is the best thing to do? All three, none, one or some? You are seeking knowledge on social values and it will soon arrive. Your soul is also really dissecting the social situation within your country and locale and you wonder how we ever got here and how poverty and violence can be eliminated. Your treat this month is to dig within yourself and discover how you can contribute to the solution. Hollow earth does not mean hollow ground. Contemplate this statement. Forego ďlost treasuresĒ and seek unknown territory. You will love this. Siblings and good friends are essential this month as are strawberries. Movie nights and making time for fun will feel like a saving grace. Donít always believe what others tell you. Costume recommendation: A Fortune Teller!


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