Guardians of the Earth

The energy shifts of the last twelve months have left many of us wondering if we will ever return to "normal". As the planet compels us to spiral higher on our ascension path, the Guardians of the Earth have come forward with powerful messages.

Recently, two wayward humpback whales made their way into the Sacramento River. Their unexpected trip drew hundreds of spectators. Many were worried because marine biologists stated the whales were injured. I found myself drawn to see them and finally went to visit them one Sunday. As soon as I entered their space on the banks of the delta, a feeling of relief enveloped me. I knew that not only were the whales in good health, they were happy!. The mother whale came within inches of the shore while I was standing there. The baby whale was learning how to flap his tail to make food appear and the two of them were at peace. They communicated that this trip was not an accident. They came with intent. The purpose of their visit was to create compassion and balance for the area and the planet. They also told me they would be back in the ocean on Wednesday.

Onlookers kept saying the whales were afraid to go under the nearby Rio Vista bridge. Yet, they went under it five times while we were there and kept coming back. They said the time wasn't right to leave. About an hour after we left, the whales sprinted 24 miles in 24 hours. By Tuesday evening, they were back in the San Francisco bay. On Wednesday, there was no sign of them. Their gift of love and their desire to restore us to our true spiritual balance impacted me in a powerful way. These incredible souls of the sea care very deeply about our ascension.

A few weeks ago, some of you may have noticed how thin the veil was and that communication between dimensions was occurring rapidly. The energy of the moon and stars was especially powerful. During this time, my spirit guides instructed me that humankind could discover their truth through King Solomon. I have just started to peel the layers of this message. My initial thought is to learn all I can about the King Solomon's life and what he believed. Within the story of his life, we will unearth our true core.

While meditating with the fairies in my backyard, a group of fairies I had never seen before came forward. They marched up through the ground in a circular line, were earthy brown in color, had pointy ears and called themselves Trojan Fairies (no jokes, please!) They made it very clear they are here to move Mother Earth into a new vibration that will impact all of us and lead us to be a circular people, meaning we will all honor how connected we are to one another and the universe.

The healing that the planet and her inhabitants is experiencing is bigger than us. It is difficult to wrap our arms around it. We are grateful for the ascension that it is happening. How wonderful that we are a part of this mystical progression!

Angels Around the Earth
Anita Ahuja

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