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The mystical beauty of Ireland. The magic of Stonehenge. The miracles of Lourdes. The majesty of Greece. The mystery of Egypt. These are all mesmerizing places not only for their physical beauty, but their spiritual magnificence and energy as well.

Our planet is rich with exotic places to explore. But sightseeing is not the only attraction. Many lightworkers travel to destinations around the world to discover metaphysical treasures.

In Ireland, for example, the country is well-inhabited by the elemental realm such as leprechauns, fairies and other magical creatures. And you thought it was all a fairy tale! The elementals are very real and help to bring joy and wisdom to our lives. What a delight it is to experience their magic!

At the Parthenon in Greece, you might discover an entrance to the hollow earth. Or at Apollo's Temple in Delphi, the energy might be so strong that you are drawn into the past and into the real lives of the "mythical" Greek Gods and Goddesses. And who knows which Olympian athletic spirit you might encounter in Olympia, the site of the first Olympics.

The pure energy of Lourdes, France is undeniable. Here, Bernadette Soubirous witnessed several apparitions of the Blessed Mother Mary and was guided to dig in the earth until a miraculous spring of healing water flowed out. Whether bathing in this light-filled water or praying at the grotto, miracles of all kinds and on all levels occur on a regular basis. Angels abound here as Mother Mary nurtures us with her maternal love.

Ancient Stonehenge serves as a portal for powerful messages from the Ascended Masters. It seems as though the power of the universe is condensed into this one location. Nearby is charming Glastonbury filled with wizards and "invisibly" cloaked beings from eons ago. Who knows you might run into while enjoying afternoon tea!

The earth has ley lines which are powerful magnetic energy grids. These lines peak at different places. Ley lines are similar to chakras. They are metaphysical energy centers. Stonehenge, Glastonbury and the Great Pyramid in Egypt are all believed to be located on powerful ley lines.

Traveling to such sacred spots around the globe is a life-changing experience. From absorbing high frequency energy, to receiving channeled messages unveiling secrets of the universe or answers to personal questions, to incredible healing, participating in such journeys tremendously enriches one's spirituality.

One of my passions is leading spiritual tours to sacred sites. We have traveled to Greece, Stonehenge, Glastonbury and Lourdes, France. My tours are based on Dr. Doreen Virtue's books Angel Medicine and Goddesses and Angels.

During this journey, we will explore the beauty of Ireland and the miracles of Lourdes where Mother Mary appeared to Saint Bernadette.

This magical trip will be filled with guided meditations and special messages from the Angels, Fairies and our divine guides. Experience the elementals, including dolphins, merpeople and the lovely leprechauns, at play throughout Ireland. Feel the healing love of the Blessed Mother Mary at the grotto in Lourdes. We will also communicate with Mary Magdalene and many other Saints, Goddesses and Ascended Masters.

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Anita Ahuja

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