The Veil of Brigid

On January 19th, 2009, St. Brigid shared the following message:

"I am not mysterious. My light is about attraction - attracting much needed love and light to heal this world. Subtract your wealth and what do you have? Do not be deceived by outer things. Look inward at your own light and truth and believe. Believe that you carry the sacred fire - that your cells are sacred from head to toe. Your divinity makes you wealthy. Shield yourself not from this light and your purpose.

Clear your mind of all rhetoric and the truth shall be yours. Proclaim your destiny - picture yourself on a bridge, crossing a river. You don't fall in. You admire the beauty of the water, its healing effects and you don't question if it will disappear. You trust that the river remains. So shall your light be. Nothing can snuff it - no action or mistake. You ARE light. Call on me to help you recognize this truth and to help you purify your being.

Love is the ultimate form of purification. Challenge me not on this point. Fear is a question of trust. Do you trust the Sacred Fire, the Supreme Being that is and ever shall be? Proclaim the truth of who you are. Ultimately, you know this is in your best interest.

Picture Jacob's ladder - a beautiful rainbow colored ladder extending up to Heaven. You have ascended it and at the top is a beautiful flame. You are in that flame. You see yourself very clearly and know that all is well. You are safe, protected and healed. You are expressing your highest creativity and know your truth. And now you live it without fear.

Your veil is light. You are a divine candle that glows with freedom. There is no need to control the flame. The Angelic harps are now playing and so is the light! Imagine how lovely you are in the eyes of your maker."

Brigid is a wonderful spiritual companion. Be sure to call on her wisdom and strength!

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Anita Ahuja

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