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Welcome to the April edition of the Angels Around The Earth Newsletter. Please see the articles below for information about the current energy shifts we are experiencing, a magical trip to Egypt and teleclasses which will channel wisdom from our spirit guides.

Angels, Atlantis and the New World Order

Earthquakes abound as do natural disasters. I wish I could tell you they will end soon, but that is not the case. Mother Earth is realigning herself to be in a much higher vibration which will allow us to move into a peaceful, harmonious society. Following the earthquake in Haiti, the news in the US reported we were experiencing a compassion boom. People who reside in areas that have been directly hit are coming together in ways they haven't before. Despite the devastation, there is good coming out of these shifts.

The Angels are making it clear that despite the anxiety we might feel about the increasing shifts, there is nothing to fear. This is a time to have great trust in the divine. Know that we will all be exactly where we need to be when future shifts occur. I have lived in California most of my life so the threat of earthquakes is nothing new. I remember the Loma Prieta earthquake of 1989 quite vividly. I was in Tokyo, Japan waiting for a flight to San Francisco. My mother and I were returning from a trip to India. We had a 8 hour layover. About halfway through, I went to the ticket counter to get our boarding passes. The board said our flight was cancelled. A line was forming at the ticket counter and it was then I learned about the quake. A lady ahead of me starting gasping. Someone said the entire Bay Bridge had fallen into the ocean. I began worrying about my dad and brother. We were re-routed to Los Angeles and I did not sleep at all on the 12 hour flight. After landing, we finally reached my brother who informed us both he and my dad were fine. The house had minor damage and the water had swayed out of the pool. When we finally returned home, we experienced many aftershocks. Yes, they are enough to make you panic, but remember that God really is in charge.

These earth changes are a call to rely on our divine guides more than ever. The quake in Chile literally shifted the earth's axis. We lived through it. And we will live through much more. Consider it a gift to be alive during these historical changes. There is a purpose for each and every one of us and it is exciting because of where these changes are leading us. The planet is moving back to the Creator's original intent. This planet was created so that we might experience life and joy to its fullest. Unfortunately, power and greed and other lower forces have dominated the planet for some time and all is being revealed. Everything that has been in darkness is coming to light. There is a huge clearing that is occurring. Be sure to take good and gentle care of yourself during this time. We are experiencing many physical symptoms and it is important to keep ourselves balanced.

Once this clearing is complete, we will move into higher vibrations and dimensions. We will gradually be able to return to a much more spiritually-based society much like that of Atlantis. Peace will reign and the new world order will not be about the dominance of government rule, but about communities. We will be like families and take care of each other. This new world order will call for a "law" that is spiritually based. If you have ever traveled to the town of Medjugorje, where the Blessed Mother Mary has appeared many times, you probably know that they do not have a police department there. Why? They do not have crime. The peace and messages from the Mother Mary have caused the residents there to follow a deeper law, one that resides within their hearts.

At the present time, the Angels are calling us to open our hearts. Envision a gorgeous vibrant pink bud rose in the center of your heart. Ask the Angels to facilitate the opening of the bud so that that petals are fully open and you and your heart are completely ready to give and receive. All is well.

Spiritual Teleclasses on 12Academy

On Sunday, April 25th from 11-12 Pacific Standard Time, I will teach the following teleclass:

Ganesh and Lakshmi: A Dream Team!
Ascended Masters Ganesh and Lakshmi are wonderful resources. Ganesh is a master remover of obstacles and clears our path so we can be successful in our endeavors. Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and loves to shower us with abundance on all levels. Together, Ganesh and Lakshmi can revolutionize our lives. During this teleclass, we will learn about their human stories and how they work in our lives here and now to create harmony and wealth. We will also participate in a meditation channeled by Ganesh and Lakshmi which will clear our energy of blocks and open us to their guidance.

On Saturday, May 1st from 12-1 Pacific Standard Time, in honor of the World Fairy Festival sponsored by Doreen Virtue, PhD., I will teach:

Messages from the Unicorns
Unicorns are messengers of divine light and have been re-emerging on the planet recently in a powerful way. They have appeared to many in their dreams. Their mission is to fill us with light and bring us into alignment with the planetary shifts so that we live in the highest vibration possible. Unicorns are direct and to the point. They speak with simplicity and strength and invite you to participate in this class in which they will provide group and personal messages for all attendees and fill us with confidence for the road ahead.

To register, please go to www.12Academy.com and click on my name.

Announcing 12Radio!

12 Radio is a brand new radio network featuring lots of great music, insightful shows and great hosts. My show, Lifting the Veil, will be premiering there soon. Check out the network and experience some of it's new offerings - www.12Radio.com

Personal Consultations

If you are seeking guidance from your Angels, the Elementals, Ascended Masters or Mother Mary, please know I am available for personal phone readings and consultations on www.12listen.com I am also happy to schedule appointments in advance. If you schedule a 30 minute appointment, the rate will be reduced.

A Mystical Trip to Egypt!

In January of 2011, we will depart for an exploration of Egypt that will be life-changing. If private time in the Great Pyramid and Sphinx, visits to Temples along the Nile, healing and manifestation ceremonies, exploring Old Cairo, a five day Nile Cruise, 5 star hotels and much more appeal to you, here are all the trip details.

We will visit the Pyramids and hold a private ceremony in the King's Chamber of the Pyramid as well as enjoy private time at the Sphinx. Included in the itinerary are the beautiful temples of Luxor such as Queen Hatshipusut's and the Habu Temple, the Valley of the Kings, Abydos and the Temple of Dendara and Karnack Temple, Dahsure to see the White and Red Pyramids, the tombs in Saqqara, the Step Pyramid of Djoser, modern Cairo including the Eyptian Museum, the Hanging Church and the Citadel of Saldine, Aswan including the Phalie temple and the unfinished Obelisk, Elephantine Island, Abu Simbel to see the amazing temples of Ramses II and Nefertary, the Solar Boat, a perfume factory, a rug making school and factory and we will experience an authentic Egyptian gown party (Galibiyah) on our Nile Cruise!


A Powerful Journey to a Sacred Mystical World
January 10-22, 2011
With an optional extension to the Red Sea and Jerusalem
January 22-26, 2011
Tour Leader: Anita Ahuja, Angel Therapy Practitioner®
And Host of Lifting the Veil on 12Radio

Join us for this spiritual tour which will focus on discovering the connection between Ancient Egypt and our current time period. During this trip we will work with the Angels, Ascended Masters, Goddesses and Atlantean energy. Be prepared to experience manifestations, revelations, miracles and other mystical treats!

On our first full day in Cairo, a powerful healing and manifestation ceremony in the King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid will serve as a welcoming and initiation rite for our group as we begin an exploration that will transform our lives.

The trip will be filled with opportunities for collective and individual meditation, empowerment and unveiling our authentic power.

Jan. 10:
Relax with dinner and movies onboard our direct overnight Egypt Air flight 986 to Cairo from JFK airport at 6:30 pm. Travelers must be at JFK airport by 3:00- 3:30 PM.

Jan. 11:
Arrive in Cairo at noon. Guardian Travel representatives will greet us as soon as we walk inside Cairo airport. Assistance through customs, baggage claim and handling. Our private air conditioned motor-coach will take us to the beautiful 5 stars Le Meriden Pyramids Hotel, located in the shadow of the Pyramids. Luggage will be transferred to rooms while Guardian Travel’s representatives handout room keys. Enjoy a welcome dinner at our hotel. Pyramid View Rooms at the hotel are available for an additional $70.00 per night.

Jan. 12:
After breakfast and brief orientation, we mount our camels and start our day riding past the Pyramids. Today we see the Pyramids of Cheops known as the Great Pyramid, Kephren and Mykerinos to the Sphinx which stands guard over them. You can see and touch the Pyramid and Sphinx and marvel at their construction.

We discuss different theories regarding the builders of the Pyramids and Sphinx and the many mysteries that surround their construction. We explore the surrounding necropolis where over 3,000 tombs of pharaohs, queens, aristocrats and court officials were buried. As we enter some of these tombs, your guide explains their significance and deciphers the stories told in the many beautiful, detailed hieroglyphics that line the walls.

We also tour the incredible Solar Boat, a funerary boat designed to carry the spirit of Cheops to the Netherworld. Later in the afternoon we visit a perfume factory today to sample the fragrances of Egypt that make some of the world’s finest and most famous perfumes. A private visit to the sacred King’s Chamber of the Great Pyramid is scheduled for our group after the daily tourists leave the plateau. Located in the exact center of the Earth’s land mass, we will have two hours of private time with special permission to marvel, meditate, and explore the
inside of this sacred, ancient wonder.

Jan. 13:
Today we drive along the canal to Dahsure, visit the Bent Pyramid (White), the Red Pyramid, and see from a distance the Black Pyramid. Here we will be able to see the trial and error of building a Pyramid. Later on visit Saqqara which is filled with tombs lying beneath the heaped mounds. As we enter the tombs, our guide will explain their significance and deciphers the stories told in the beautiful hieroglyphics lining its walls. Visit the Step Pyramid of Djoser, the first freestanding stone building in history and the first pyramid ever built. On our return to Giza, we stop at a rug making school and factory. At the school on the first floor, you will be able to see first hand the process of the patient handiwork that goes into the production of these exquisite Egyptian carpets.

Jan. 14:
After breakfast, we check out of our hotel and head to modern Cairo. We will visit the Egyptian Museum which houses the world’s largest collection of relics from Pharonic times, some dating back 6,000 years. On the ground floor enormous sarcophagi and statues from every period of Egyptian history are displayed. You will also see all the magnificent works of gold from King Tut. The treasure consists of over 1,700 artifacts exhibited in 12 rooms including fabulous gold statues, jewelry and other works of incredible artistry. Later, we proceed to Old Cairo which is truly a multi-faith area where Jewish, Coptic and Islamic monuments all stand next to one another. Here we will see the Hanging Church and the Ben Ezra synagogue, the Citadel of Saldine and Mohamed Ali’s Mosque. This evening fly from Cairo to Luxor, “the City of Palaces,” which holds two thirds of the world’s monuments. It offers its visitors huge temples and colorful tombs which astonishes every visitor. Hotel: Steigenberger Nile Palace, situated on the banks of the Nile.

Jan. 15:
Today we begin our first day in Luxor by crossing the Nile to the west bank. Our first stop will be the Valley of the Kings where we visit colorful tombs that were carved out of rocky cliffs. Beginning with the 18th dynasty, royal burials were completed underground to safeguard the mummies and rich furnishings from grave-robbers. Our next stop will be Queen Hatshipsut’s temple. Queen Hatshepsut wanted to honor her father (god Amun) by building him a very beautiful temple. She asked her architect not to spare any effort in making this the best of its kind. In the afternoon, visit Habu temple which was built by Ramses II. It is one of the most amazing temples that still holds a lot of colors and the depth of the carving in that temple is very unique. We will do a quick visit to an Alabaster factory where we learn how statues are made. On the way back to the East bank, we will stop by the Colossi of Memnon to take quick pictures of it.

Jan. 16:
Abydos is located west of the Nile, on the border between the valley and the desert. As a burial ground of the ancient kings of Egypt, it became an important religious center from Pre dynastic times onward. It is particularly associated with Osiris, whose mysteries were celebrated there annually. The ritual reenactment of Osiris' death and resurrection brought pilgrims from all over Egypt. The temple of Seti I at Abydos is a mortuary temple and its carvings are among the greatest produced by phoraonic civilization. As Muslims endeavor to visit Mecca once in their lifetimes and Hindus aspire to die at Benares,

The Ancient Egyptians devoutly wished to make a pilgrimage to Abydos, cult centre of the god Osiris. The superbly carved Temple of Seti I has been a tourist attraction since the 1830s, and many rate its artwork as the finest in Egypt. The temple of Dendara is dedicated to goddess Hathor, the goddess of music, love, and beauty. In this Temple we get to examine the famous Zodiac ceiling and the painted carvings of Nut (goddess of the Sky) swallowing the solar disc at night and birthing it again each morning. Dendara also shows how Egypt’s Greek and Roman rulers identified themselves with the pharaohs and deities of Ancient Egypt by copying their temples, rituals and iconography down to the hieroglyphic.

Jan. 17:
This morning, we check out of the hotel and board our luxurious five stars deluxe Nile Cruise for the next five days. Cabins are airy with large windows facing the Nile. The ship is a floating hotel with shops, fine dining, bar and lounge with nightly entertainment. Relax on the sun deck around the swimming pool where you will enjoy the picturesque beauty along the Nile River banks while cruising on the Nile River. Before checking in our boat, we will visit Karnack temple, which is a vast open-air museum. It is a group of temples surrounded by one enclosure wall that is dedicated to the god Amon-Ra. Approximately 30 pharaohs contributed to the buildings.

In the evening we visit Luxor temple. It was completely buried in sand for many centuries which allowed it to be one of the most preserved temples. The temple has many beautifully decorated columns, a huge open court, a massive façade representing its entrance, a huge pylon,
and two seated statues of Ramses II.

Jan. 18th:
Today is a free day to our leisure as we sail to Edfu. Enjoy the scenery of the fertile lands, mountains, the golden desert, and the Nile.

Jan. 19th:
After breakfast we take a short bus ride to Edfu temple, which is dedicated to the falcon god Horus. It is one of the most completely preserved temples. The divine marriage of Hathor and Horus is depicted on the walls of this temple where it was celebrated once a year. The walls of the mamisi (house of the divine birth) are decorated with scenes depicting the divine birth of Horus the child.

Return back to our boat and continue sailing south to Kom Ombo temple. It is the only temple in Egypt that is dedicated to two gods, Horus and Sobek. This temple was originally built for worshiping Horus, but after the increasing number of crocodiles on the island, the temple was demolished and reconstructed to worship Sobek (crocodile shaped god) for protection from the crocodiles. An imaginary line divides the temple longitudinally into two parts, each with its own entrance, hypostyle halls, and chapels. Here we will find a Nilometer, a series of surgeon's instruments and a mummified crocodiles’ museum. In the evening, enjoy a Galabiyah (Egyptian gown) party as we continue sailing south to Aswan.

Jan. 20:
After breakfast, tour Aswan, the site of the cataracts. The ancient Egyptians named it Swnw (the market) because of its commercial importance and the main source of the fine and coarse granite from which sculptors drew their supplies. Here the Nile flows through granite rocks and the golden desert while palm trees and farm lands cover its banks.

Our first stop will be the amazing Phalie temple. It is considered to be the most beautiful temple in the Nile valley. It is dedicated to goddess Isis and Osiris. The temple became submerged in the Nile after building the first Aswan dam. With the help of UNESCO, Philae temple was completely moved to its new location on Agilika Island. Later we visit the Unfinished Obelisk which lies in its original location in a granite quarry. It was abandoned when some cracks appeared in the rock during its construction. Had this obelisk been completed, it would have been the largest obelisk ever cut in Ancient Egypt, weighing nearly 1100 tons.
In the afternoon we will sail the Nile in a graceful Egyptian sailboat known as a “Felucca” and travel across the Nile to the Elephantine Island while enjoying the breeze and some traditional songs along the way.

Jan. 21:
Today we check out of our Nile Cruise, but retain all the unforgettable memories, scenery, and beautiful temples. Fly from Aswan to Abu Simbel where will be visit the amazing temples of Ramses II and Nefertary. Abu Simbel is among the most magnificent monuments in the world. The temples were threatened by submersion in Lake Nasser after the Aswan high dam was constructed. The two temples were cut into large blocks and moved to a higher location. The larger temple is for King Ramses II.

The temple’s facade has four colossal statues of the King and is topped with 22 baboons whose arms are raised in the air to worship the rising sun. Ancient Egyptian architects positioned the temple in such a way that the sun’s rays penetrate the sanctuary on October 21 and February 21. These dates are believed to be the king's birthday and coronation date, respectively. The smaller temple was the first temple ever dedicated to a queen. It is dedicated to the goddess Hathor and Nefertari, Ramses’ most beloved wife. It commemorates Ramses’ victory in the Battle of Kadesh, intimidates his Nubian neighbors, and honors his most beloved wife. We fly back to Cairo via Aswan where we spend our final night. This evening enjoy a home hosted authentic Egyptian farewell dinner and the Giza Light Show. This is one of the many highlights of our tour and a wonderful way to end it.

Jan. 22:
Today we say our good-byes to Egypt, the country we always dreamt of visiting since our childhood. After enjoying our last group breakfast, transfer to Cairo airport to board our Egypt Air MS 985 flight to JFK. Leave from Cairo at 09:10 am and arrive in JFK at 3:30 pm Eastern Time.

Optional Extension
Jan. 22: Drive from Cairo to the Red Sea.
Jan. 23: Jerusalem day trip. EARLY morning wake up (1-2 am) and late arrival back in Egypt (9-10 pm).
Jan. 24: Free day on the Red Sea.
Jan. 25: Return back to Cairo.
Jan. 26: Fly back home.

The price for this tour includes roundtrip airfare from New York, air and travel within Egypt, 5 day Nile River Cruise, 5 star hotels, most meals, tour guides, tour escort, tour leader, entry visas, private time in the Great Pyramid and at the Sphinx, camel ride, medical travel insurance and taxes.

Tips and beverages are not included. If you do not fly with the group from New York, there is an extra cost of $380.00 per person for air travel within Egypt.

Pyramid view rooms at the Le Meridien Hotel are an extra $70..00 per night.

Please be sure that your passports are valid through six months after the date of our departure to Egypt. If you will fly out of New York with the group, please be sure to book flights from your location to JFK that allow ample time for delays and baggage claim. You might consider arriving a day early and touring New York if you wish.

Cost: $4518.00 per person, based on double occupancy, based on a minimum of 20 travelers flying from New York, if paying by check or cash.

If paying by credit card, the cost is $4637.00 per person, based on double occupancy, based on a minimum of 20 travelers flying from New York.

Single Supplement cost is $795.00 per person for the whole tour. Business class airfare is $3560 and first class airfare is $4360.00.

Cost for Extension to the Red Sea and Jerusalem: $1111.00, based on a minimum of four travelers. Single Supplement Cost is $230.00 per person.

Prices are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Contact Information: Please contact Anita@AngelsAroundTheEarth.com to register and for additional details.

Payment Schedule:

A $200 NON REFUNDABLE per person deposit is due as soon as possible to reserve a space on the trip. This amount will be deducted from each traveler’s total due amount.

A $300 NON REFUNDABLE payment per person is due 90 days prior to departure.

The remaining amount is due 8 weeks prior to departure.

The tour leader fee is due by October 1, 2010.

Cancellation Policy:

Up to 60 days prior to departure, total tour cost minus the non refundable $500.

59-45 days prior to departure, total tour cost minus ($500 + 50% of total air ticket fare.)

44-30 days prior to departure, total tour cost minus ($500 + full air fare+ 50% of total land package).

30 days prior to departure, NO REFUND

Please get your $200.00 deposits in now to reserve your space.
Also, another way to look at this is if you set aside a certain amount per month, depending on the options you select, you will have what you need! If you have questions, please feel free to contact me! Thank you.

I wish you peace and gratitude in the days and weeks ahead.

Angel Blessings,


Angels Around the Earth
Anita Ahuja

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