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Welcome to the holiday edition of the Angels Around The Earth newsletter. Included are reflections on the year, information on special offers and some important announcements.

Reflections on 2009

This has been a challenging year for me and for many of my friends. Summer was especially difficult and I found myself questioning my abilities and value on this planet. Confusion with life direction, the betrayal by a friend whom I trusted deeply and career and financial challenges all seemed to peak simultaneously and test my faith. As much as I have tried to make sense of everything, I have been told over and over by my Angelic guides that this is a time of blind faith. This message was delivered to me by two beautiful birds on a summer evening, following my performance in a Shakespeare comedy. As beautiful as the message and the messengers were, I felt my stomach cringe as I knew some life lessons would follow. And they have. I am learning to trust in the moment and not focus on figuring out everything.

2009 has also brought some destiny moments. Destiny moments are occurrences that ground us in our life purpose or move us closer to the path that will dominate our life. For me, the surprise arrival of a book publishing contract that I never solicited is an example of one of these moments. My life purpose is in communications - writing, teaching, speaking, healing, acting and leading tours to sacred places - and I have always known I would author books. Stay tuned for two books next year!

Many have called 2009 a year of completion. 2010 will be the year of discovery and new beginnings. And, yes, we are all included. All that is needed is an open heart and mind and we will see the magic unfold. What is it you truly desire? Talk to the Angels and your divine guides. Tell them in no uncertain terms what you truly seek and let them assist you. Release the need to control and to know what will happen. Anything and everything is possible!

This weekend, I watched the movie Bruce Almighty starring Jim Carrey. In one of the scenes, God (played by Morgan Freeman) tells Bruce that humans are always asking for miracles. He shares that it's now time for us to be the miracle. Powerful words for a powerful time that is unfolding on the planet. We have seen many shifts in government, financial institutions and local communities. The shifts will continue and will facilitate the rebirth of a high-vibrating spiritual society on Mother Earth, much like that of Atlantis. This, my friends, is why we are here. We will talk more about this in 2010. Soon, I will begin a series of Atlantean Affirmations that will be featured on my website. And by the way, 2012 will not bring the destruction of the planet. So plan your birthdays.

I wish all of you, your families and friends a grace-filled and peaceful holiday. May your hearts be touched by the Angels and may you know peace in all ways.

Angel Blessings,
Anita Ahuja

A New Idea Inspired by Santa

Here is a special Christmas offer that I am featuring between now and the beginning of the new year.

We've heard about Letters from Santa. Well, now it's time for Letters from Our Angels. Do you have loved ones or friends who might be interested in tuning in to the Angels or who could use a special message of encouragement and hope? Well, here is your opportunity. Each personalized letter will feature messages from the Angels particularly for that individual for 2010, information about the Archangel/Guardian Angels around them, crystals that would be powerful for them, and a wish to focus on for 2010.

The cost is $25.00 plus mailing costs if you are requesting hard copies. Otherwise, you will receive electronic copies. I am asking everyone to get their orders in early so I can complete these as soon as possible. I am processing current orders at the time of this writing. To place your order, please email me at Anita@AngelsAroundTheEarth.com.

Announcing 12 Academy and 12 Radio

As many of you know, I am an advisor on 12Angel.com. For the month of December, we will have daily one-hour specials. To receive the daily announcement, please subscribe on www.12listen.com. I will be featured on December 3rd and 18th. Remember that you can view my monthly Angel Scopes here: https://www.12listen.com/#top

I am excited to announce that Mark Husson, founder of the 12 sites, just launched 12 Academy which will feature teleclasses on just about every spiritual and metaphysical topic you can think of. Click here https://www.12Academy.com/site.cfm?CFID=248846&CFTOKEN=12362713  to see the featured classes.

On Sunday, December 13th at from 11:00 to Noon, Pacific Time, I will teach a class titled Season of Angels! It's the magical holiday season! Come celebrate with the Angels during this fun and informative hour. We will talk about the perceived prevalence of Angels and miracles during this time of year and how these divine messengers work in our lives now and all year long. Why does it seem the Angels are "closer" during the holidays? During the second half of the class, we will participate in a guided meditation that will take us back to Bethlehem and the first Christmas. Here, we will see and hear the Angels in person and receive special messages from them for Christmas and 2010. It's a special holiday treat to give to yourself this year! If you are interested, please register on www.12Academy.com

Mark and Oliver Guttorm Svendsen have worked tirelessly over the past several months to create a new and modern alternative listening radio station which is launching now. 12Radio is unlike any other online station you've seen. Its motto is Changing the Way You Listen To The World. Click here to listen.

My radio show, Lifting the Veil, will return soon on Friday evenings at 7:00 p.m. Pacific on 12Radio. We are lining up some special guests and topics that will keep us inspired as the planet continues to shift. We will also continue to take calls and provide readings on the show.

Waiting in the Other Room

Are you grieving the death of a loved one? Do you fear death? Is a loved one experiencing Dementia or Alzheimer’s? Kathryn Speakes-Large illuminates the pathway to dissolving your fear of death and validating that your loved ones are still with you after death of the physical body in Waiting in the Other Room. Kathryn and her dad, Big Jim, share their continued communication after his death in 2005 with love and humor. Also included are the methods she used to communicate with Big Jim after his death and with her grandfather while he experienced Dementia. When you purchase Waiting in the Other Room be sure to register to be included in a drawing for bonus prizes and receive bonus gifts from our sponsors! $1.00 of every book sold will go to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Four States in Joplin, MO. Details: https://www.soulkisses.com/WaitingInTheOtherRoom/promo.htm

Kate is a dear friend and my website designer! In the past few weeks, the Denver Hospice has agreed to include Waiting in the Other Room in their Recommended Resource List that is given to people who come to Hospice. Check out the links! I think you will love this book.

Would You Like To Travel to Egypt?

Just announced - a spiritual group tour to Egypt in January 2011!! Would you like to ride a camel, meditate in the Great Pyramids, see the Sphinx or cruise the Nile?! We plan to visit places mere mortals are not permitted to enter...

If you are interested, please send an email to Anita@AngelsAroundTheEarth.com 


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